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Make Your Own Aromatherapy Hydrosols: Distill Aromatic Floral Waters Easily at Home

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Floral water. Flower water. Aromatherapy water. Plant distillate. Hydrosol. Hydrolat.

Whatever name you choose, they all refer to the beautiful water-soluble by-product of the distillation, typically by steam, of essential oils.

Make Your Own Aromatherapy Hydrosols ebook is a fillable workbook that shows you not only how to distill your own hydrosols at home step by step, but also how to make your own facial cleanser, clay mask, facial toner, body lotion and room spray with your hydrosols.

The hydrosols of 10 lovely botanicals are profiled for their benefits and applications.

There are worksheets to help you along your learning path about hydrosols and to formulate your own products with the hydrosols you've distilled. You'll even get pretty label templates to package and showcase your products.

The workbook is 76 pages in landscape orientation and meant to be bound at the top edge after printing. The workbook is a digital download and will not be shipped. There are no refunds on digital downloads. All sales are final. 

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