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ESSENTIAL OILS, ABSOLUTES AND CO2'S Hidden Message Word Search: 100 Semi-Challenging Word Search Puzzles for Adults [DOWNLOADABLE PDF EBOOK]

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ESSENTIAL OILS, ABSOLUTES & CO2'S Semi-Challenging Word Search Puzzle Book for Adults

Exercise your brain.
Activate your mind.
Expand your vocabulary.
Learn to spell fun, formidable words.
Allow a word to peak your curiosity about a subject unknown to you.

  • 2000 words to search
  • Each word search puzzle is related directly and indirectly on a theme of a singular aromatherapy essential oil, absolute or CO2
  • Each puzzle has space on the page to write the message hidden in the puzzle.
  • 100 original, hand-crafted word search puzzles, 20 words for each puzzle
  • 100 funny, informative or quotable messages to find
  • Some words to search for are common but most are obscure
  • Words are not repeated
  • Words can go in any direction: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
  • Words can be read forward or backward
  • Words can share letters as they intersect with each other
  • Solutions for each puzzle at the end of the ebook
  • Download immediately, 126 black and white pages (front and back covers are in color), 8.5 x 11 inches
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